The Suspension Bridge of Disbelief

$ 750.00


(2012) This piece is a blend of themes: suspending disbelief, burning bridges, River Styx, and doubt, mixed with provocative, imaginative, and real elements that tie death to life (and vice versa). As an undergrad I was once told by an art professor that I drew with the aggression of a man. It's time to redefine the gender of aggression.

“I come to you in restless sleep
Where all your dreams turn bitter-sweet
With voodoo doll philosophies
And day-glo holy trinities 
The crooked raft that leaves the shore
Ferries drunken souls aboard
Pilgrims march to Compestela
Visions of their saint in yellow 
All follow deep in trance
Lost in a catatonic dance
Know no future
Damn the past
Blind, warm, ecstatic
Safe at last..."
-- Natalie Merchant, Thick As Thieves

“The seeker after truth must, once in the course of his life, doubt everything, as far as is possible." -- René Descartes.