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Izaak Walton Preserve Art Show - October 15, 2016 - Homewood, IL
One Inspired Evening Charity Auction - March 7, 2014 - Chicago, IL
"Vision Quest" - February / March 2013 at Kitchen Sink - Chicago, IL

 Published Art

Book cover designs

Thumbnail image to the original song "Jamie" by Shane Partington, 2014

Thumbnail image to the original song "October" by Shane Partington, 2014

Time on TV: Temporal Displacement and Mashup Television by Paul Booth. Cover design, 2012

Digital Fandom: New Media Studies by Paul Booth. Cover design, 2010

The Balloon Tree by Tom Curry. Illustrations, Naked Mannekin Press, 2009

Commercial Graphic Designs

 Shadowleaf Publishing
Shadowleaf Publishing

Media Graphic Designs

Cognitive Dissonance

Citation Needed

Alternative Illustration Work

(2016) I illustrated this medieval-style scroll for a rapier fencing award that my husband received in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The lettering was added by another artist, a very talented calligrapher.

Large Scale Artwork

(2016) With help from my team, I designed this 12' x 18' Chicago skyline flag for the new Fit Results gym location in Chicago's South Loop. 

(2015) I created this custom mural for a fitness studio featuring the owners/trainers towering above the Chicago skyline.

 Digital Photo Manipulation 

"Circa" self-portrait series (2016)

ParisVersaillesBaltimoreWonderlandChicagoLos AngelesNew YorkLiverpoolSarpedonRiver Styx

Audio Works

The following is an NPR-style audio documentary that I recorded and edited discussing the concept of "Hell". 

Explicit language warning.



Interview / Media Quotes - Professional

The American Marketing Association interviewed me about the changing role of the Chief Marketing Officer.

The Evolution and Awakening of the Modern CMO
- March 2017


Blogging - Art & Design

Though it hasn't been updated in a long time, my old blog "Artistocracy" is available for your amusement.

Blogging - Financial Technology / Futures Trading

7 Common Marketing Myths Debunked - April 2018
Raise Your Online Financial Search Ranking: Link Building to Boost Marketing - January 2018
Common Characteristics of Effective Offer Landing Pages - November 2017
The Pitchbook Creation Process: How Poor Planning Leads to Poor Results - October 2017
Hedge Fund Performance: 3 Popular Ratios - September 2017
Marketing Your Financial Strategy: Data Visualizations Tell the Story - August 2017
Technical Analysis of a Markets Expert: An Interview with Jim Wyckoff - April 2017
Five Ways to Appeal to Investors - February 2017
Financial Marketing is a Process: Defining and Executing and End-to-End Marketing Process
- January 2017
The Real Winner of the U.S. Presidential Election? Social Media
- November 2016
LinkedIn: A Vitamin B5 Shot For Your Marketing - May 2016
5 Key Tips for Consistent Content Marketing - February 2016

June 2015 - January 2016: Contributing author on the GameChange by Tradovate blog.

Reflections on Milestone Management - September 2015
Startups, Hold Tight to These 5 Truisms
- August 2015
Adventures in Beta Testing
- July 2015
Subscribing to the World
- June 2015
The New Language of Fintech
- May 2015
3 More Reasons Why Fintech Startups Should Put Down Roots In Chicago
- April 2015
Sick Beats: A Startup's Music Playlist
- March 2015
Making Complexity Simple
- February 2015
3 Differences That Separate Creativity from Innovation
- January 2015
Breaking out of the Career Comfort Zone: Why I Joined A Startup
- December 2014
A Necessary Convergence of Language - June 2014
An Unsung Financial Technology Hero: Noise-Canceling Headphones
- April 2014
A Look Back at Boca: 2014 Highlights - March 2014
OptionsCity Freeway Powers UChicago Trading Competition - March 2014
A Supernova of Trading Talent Set to Brighten Chicago
- March 2013
Crude Oil Under Pressure - January 2013 


Press Release Writing
- Financial Technology Industry

OptionsCity Reveals Metro NOW, Empowers Users to Build Customized Trading Experience - October 2014
OptionsCity Supports Access to Brazilian Exchange
- October 2014
OptionsCity Announces Support for CME Market Data Platform 3.0 Upgrade - September 2014
OptionsCity Revs Up Automation and Risk Management with Metro 5.2
- July 2014
OptionsCity Supports Transition of NYSE Liffe US Products to ICE
- June 2014
Spinaris Capital Selects OptionsCity to Trade on CME and Eurex
- May 2014