"I am absolutely mesmerized by Sarah's boundary pushing ability to fuse the themes of unbounded drive for beauty, perfection, desire, strength, delicate beauty and sexuality, unrestricted imagination, untouched will to explore, as well as unconstrained thirst for the world with restraints imposed by societal standards and boundaries, lust for materialism, strive for acceptance, self inhibition, and futility of conformity.  Sarah is able to capture the beauty, destructiveness, and most importantly the  inseparable duality of nature with unique grace, sharp yet comforting warmth, and thought provoking boldness.  I am very proud to have two of Sarah's prints on my walls and looking to add more.  No matter how trivial of mundane my day can happen to be, it is very comforting to have a few beautiful reminders of our ability to give depth, beauty, and intrigue to this world."

Vladimir S. - Chicago, IL

"I enjoy discovering bold and thought provoking artists. After viewing Sarah McNabb's Trance Macabre piece, I knew I wanted a print for my wall. Sarah took great care in making sure I received the best quality print. I'm happy to say I received the print promptly, and in perfect condition. I will certainly be purchasing more work from this artist in the future."

Shane P. - Adelaide, Australia

"I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah as both a collaborator and as a patron. Her work combines elements of the macabre and the transcendent with an attention to detail that creates a true sense of character and narrative which appeals to me. I often try to imagine who these characters in their surreal settings are, what motivates them. This is only possible because Sarah so carefully constructs her scenes. It is as much a pleasure to display her art in my home as it has been to collaborate with her."

Tom C. - Plainfield, IL

"Every.single.time we have friends over that haven't yet seen our print of The Springheeled Piper, they stop in their tracks and comment on it. It's the most popular piece of art in our house."

Richard G. & Libby B. - Chicago, IL

"Life is a voyage, tempestuous and perilous. A shipwreck now and again is not just inevitable, it's essential. Only when all seems lost does that which is most important come sharply into focus. This metaphor is masterfully captured in Sarah McNabb's "Harbor No Illusions". I am incredibly honored to offer my home as the resting place for this stunning, colorful, meaningful, original piece of art."

Mark K. - Chicago, IL

Harbor No Illusions (2008) - Decommissioned work

"Sarah and I are co-workers and have since become dear friends. After a short period of time, I was made aware that she was an extraordinary artist. I ended up purchasing two prints from her - Vanity Prevails and Sheer Panique. There are no words to describe the artwork of Sarah McNabb. As soon as the art was revealed, I felt an instant connection between her artwork and my own struggles as a woman. The emotion that is portrayed in her artwork is so profound that I was literally brought to tears. Needless to say, the two pieces I chose to purchase was not an easy task! I am constantly following her on social media, as well as her website, to look for new pieces to purchase. I know that my next purchase(s) will undoubtedly be just as thought provoking as the rest. I've already got my eyes on Idee Fixe for my Galaxy Phone cover and her upcoming piece, A Nice Hot Wrath for my bathroom."

Katie D. - Chicago, IL

"I'm honored to be the owner of this imaginative work! In Eon Somnia (2012 - Decommissioned work) we see the subject's repose where her anxieties, from the banal to the outrageous, are intermingled. She appears peaceful at first glance, but like so many she too is mired in her anxieties and insecurities. We all have anxieties and insecurities that keep us awake at night. This is a marvelous depiction of our shared mental struggle as humans."

Doug M. - Chicago, IL

"I have had the great pleasure of watching Sarah McNabb evolve in her artistic talent since we were merely children. It is an honor to host "Shypovfuls" in my home. I was immediately drawn to her use of bright colors, but was taken captive by the meaning behind this piece which perfectly illustrates how self absorbed we can all be even as everything around us is in shambles. Each time I look at it, something new stands out to me. Perhaps it is my own selfishness that sees my current struggle at the moment and longs to take a step back and be more aware and more compassionate. In other words, it's priceless!"

Cathy G. - Itasca, IL

The Gospel According to Thecla"I had the privilege of receiving one of Sarah's piece of work for my birthday a few years back. I am a fierce and independent woman, who also believes in accepting ones body, no matter what size or shape you are. I received "The Gospel According to Thecla". I immediately framed it and hung it on my wall. Anytime anyone comes into my house, their eyes are drawn to this piece and they ask me, wow, that's an awesome drawing, what does it mean? I tell others it means what you want it to mean to you! When I see it, I see a woman who is at peace with herself and makes no apologies on who she is. All of Sarah's pieces are fascinating, and I love that they have such deep meaning and power behind them! The colors in them are beautiful and the artist herself, is a beautiful person I am honored to know! I have decorated around this piece of art, because it's there to stay and will never leave! I love it so much and it's one my most prized possession besides all the artwork I receive from my 3 boys! I am honored it hangs on my wall, and I and everyone who walks thru my door enjoys it tremendously!"

Courtney B. - Wilmington, IL