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(2015) Cake is a part of most life celebrations, and the irony is that it's a life-shortener. Without question it is bad for one to consume -- sugar, flour, butter. It's terrible in virtually every aspect except for its pleasing visual nature and the highly sweet, yet fleeting taste. Cake symbolizes the extreme spikes in joy we're lucky enough to experience. It tastes great going down, but it never lasts.

We've all heard the phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it, too." Generally meaning, you can't at once possess it in its complete state while simultaneously eating/ingesting it. Or, you can't have a splintered situation both ways. This project studies the greedy consumption of life's "cake". In the early '90s, psychologist Michael Eysenck likened this constant starvation for more — and more and more — to a treadmill, commonly known as the "hedonic treadmill".

With sugar molecule shapes and a Marie Antoinette-esque air, the subject doesn't dirty any clothing but is herself divided into pieces, consumed by greed, and making a big mess of it all.

The following is an original track authored and performed by Chicago musician Mike Hayden of Starless. It's a progressive and atmospheric audio journey through the visual layers of my art. This piece, which also incorporates sounds of kitchen instruments, serves to highlight the darkness of "Cake".