Theater of the Mind

$ 750.00


(2011) Our thoughts are the cinema of the elements: water dreams, memories of fire, hopes of earth, wishes of air. Perhaps we are the projections of a sleeping planet's mind. A collective groupthink of this world like movie clips of its own anthropomorphic project. The magical ashes from which we rose have produced a theater of the mind; the curtain rises and a narrative of images presents itself through the actors born into this world. And in the final act we take our bow, the curtain closes and once again we lay back down into the earth that collects our energy, our reels of life-film. To me, skulls don't represent grimness. To me, they're an inevitability, but also a special tangible proof that we beat the odds of not being here - we were here. Skulls that housed great adventures. They are remnants proving that we passed our cosmic audition, that we were gifted with a life akin to a theatrical production. If theater remediates life, then who's to say that life is not a remediation of something greater? And that something greater is remediated by something even greater. And so on.