Bodice Ripper

$ 750.00


(2009) Inspired by a number of concepts (including a b/w photo ad by Karl Lagerfeld for Dom Perignon) I worked backwards from the provocative title (which is also a literary genre). I tried to preserve enough negative space and directional positioning to keep an interesting dreamlike flow, and of course, I gave it a generous dose of overtly phallic images. This is the first time I've experimented with the erotica genre. Contrary to popular belief, the human body isn't an object of sin. It does exactly what the Master Designer programmed it to do, and it is this nature that should be celebrated as an incredible gift.

"You seem to me as Dian in her orb,
As chaste as is the bud ere it be blown;
But you are more intemperate in your blood
Than Venus, or those pampered animals
That rage in savage sensuality."

-- Shakespeare