Ceres Feeds the Forest

$ 110.00


(2010) Emphasizing movement through the preservation of negative space, I found myself once again braiding hair that inevitably turned anthropomorphic. This is a women's empowerment piece in the form of a hingeless diptych featuring Ceres, the Roman goddess of plants and the harvest, as the predatory "siren" who has intentions of feeding her prey back to the carnivorous trees of nature, which are extensions of herself. The most sinister of smiles. This one is a lovely human sacrifice. Her dark decor insinuates that he wouldn't be her first.

“The dreariest spot in all the land to Death they set apart; with scanty grace from Nature's hand, and none from that of Art.” -- John Greenleaf Whittier
"Those things which are precious are saved only by sacrifice" -- David Kenyon Webster
"I want your horror, I want your design..." -- Lady Gaga, Bad Romance